Pay-Per-Click Advertising (PPC)

Reach new customers with incredibly targeted advertising

Pay-per-click marketing is one of the fastest and most effective ways to get more customers on your site

You’re able to be extremely specific about who you target and how, right down to the keywords, areas and times of day you want your ad to show up.

Best of all, you only pay when someone clicks the ad.

But to maximize your ROI, you need careful budgeting, intelligent targeting, optimized campaigns and copy that’s irresistibly clickable.

That’s where we come in.

Three Ways To Reach More Customers With PPC

Search Engine Ads

These ads show up in search results like Google along the sidebar and at the top.

Display Ads

These are visual ads, like banner ads, that are served on relevant sites where customers will see them.

Social Media Ads

Whether it’s Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter or YouTube, social ads get your business in front of the right audience with the right offer.

We help you with…

  • Campaign Setup: From researching keywords to organizing ad groups, we organize every last detail to set your campaign up for success.
  • Ad Creation & Testing: We create, test, tweak and improve your ads to bring in more business.
  • Ongoing Management: There’s no such thing as “set it and forget it”. We’ll monitor your campaign’s performance and make adjustments to improve your ROI.
  • Reporting & Measurement: We break down the data into useful insights for spending your budget wisely and increasing your returns.

Our PPC Process:

Handshakes & Hellos

We’ll chat with you one-on-one to discuss your business, your goals, and what success looks like to you.

Planning & Strategy

We research keywords, analyze competitors and make sure we’re taking an approach that will work.

Setup & Optimization

We set up ad groups, tune in our targeting, create attention-grabbing ads and optimize everything to lower costs and improve sales.

Measurement & Reporting

Every month, you get a detailed (but not confusing) report that shows how your campaign is performing and what needs to happen next.

Testing & Improving

We continually test ads and refine targeting to get more people clicking and buying from you.

Ready to start seeing results?

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