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 At Growth Bamboo, We Help Small Businesses Like You Get More Customers Online With Decades-Old Direct Response Marketing Strategies Combined With Social Media and Latest Marketing and Sales Strategies
And We Don’t Overwhelm You With Technology or With A Lot of Information

What is your #1 Problem with Online Marketing?

How Do I Market My Business Online?

How Do I Fill My Events & Webinars With Prospects?

How Do I Get More Leads My Existing Website?

How Do I Get More Sales From My Email List?

If You Want To Grow Your Business Using Online Marketing, Then You Are At The Right Place…

If you just want to grow your business, or if you are suffering from lack of leads, or if you have one or more of the above-outlined problems. We have been helping small businesses scale and get more leads and clients through online marketing.

For a Limited Time, We’re offering a 30 minute FREE Online Marketing Consultation. You will get to ask problems At the end of you will know what you are doing right and what you are doing wrong and what you need to do to grow your business.

He will get you the results when you do exactly as he says… Our sessions never felt rushed or that he was just focused on making a sale – Jason

Jason Spears

Jason Spears

Author & Founder,, USA

Fazal Ahamed Zaheer

Fazal Ahamed Zaheer

Digital Marketing Specialist, Singapore

Highly recommend getting in touch with him if you need assistance for your business. – Fazal

“We have one goal: To produce a significant return-on-investment (ROI) for you and your business with our systems.” – Ahmed Muzammil

Who is Ahmed Muzammil Jamal (a.k.a. Mzee)

Ahmed (Mzee) is the Founder and Chief Consultant at Growth Bamboo.

Mzee helps experts, coaches, authors, and sell their consulting, coaching services, and products online and through offline events.

He designed his first website when he was 12 years old. Since then he’s been building sites, and helping business owners market and grow their businesses using marketing, software, and business processes.

He is a blend of a software engineer, a copywriter, a marketing strategist, and a business process expert who can look into your business and get you into growth mode.

Mzee has won multiple awards while working for corporates from Service Quality Award for Customer Satisfaction, Technical Excellence Award, and to Delivery Excellence for project deliveries.

He has an eye for optimization and efficiency as he always strives to find the most efficient way to do things for himself and his clients.

Mzee started a software company in 2013 and failed in that business after pursuing that for over 1 year. Finally, after being unable to acquire clients, nor investments he found that he lacks at Sales and Marketing. After that, he went on a pursuit to learn Sales and Marketing and master that trade.

He became a student of people like Dan Kennedy, Seth Godin, Jay Abraham, and Gary Halbert through their books, writings, and online courses. These legends have produced billions of dollars for their clients since the 1970s.

The problem about many online marketing experts and most digital marketing agencies is that they focus on tactics that get you short-term results but fail to deliver over longer periods of time.

Most online marketing agencies speak about getting maximum social media likes, engagement, or maximum leads and forget the aspect of Return on Investment.

When you pay an agency $100, you expect to make, isn’t it? That’s a 2X Return on Investment. And most agencies care less about that aspect and care more about charging you and upselling you more or to make a quick buck for themselves.

Mzee understood early on by working with some fantastic business coaches who taught him the principles and strategies to grow a business sustainably and for the long term.

Being an engineer, and with his strengths in connecting ideas together, solving complex engineering problems, he coined his own marketing system for generating qualified leads and clients through online marketing. He calls it the AC² System (A-C-SQUARED stands for Attract, Capture, Convert).

The AC² System has helped our clients generate over 6-figures (i.e. $100,000++) in the first year itself since we started applying this system to generate leads and clients.

We work with a specific type of clients and accept clients only if we could deliver results. So, we take our clients through a strategic review session where Mzee will personally review what “hidden” assets do you have in your business.

And then Mzee provides you with a plan to grow your online marketing system to generate leads and clients online.

Whether we can accept clients or not, our mission is to spread proper online marketing, and business strategies to as many people as we could.

So, that’s why we are offering this turbo audit calls for FREE. And remember it won’t be too long that we would start charging for these type of free sessions. Click the button to claim a spot for yourself.

PS: Mzee will personally jump on a call over Skype with you, and audit your business, your marketing, your positioning, and system. At the end of the call, you will get a strategic plan to grow your business online in the next 12 months.

PPS: This FREE AUDIT is only available for a limited time and won’t be free all the time. There are only limited spots for such free audits in a month. So claim yours before it’s taken up by someone else.

Let’s Jump On A 30 minute FREE Online Marketing Turbo Audit. At the end of you will know what you are doing right and what you are doing wrong and what you need to do to grow your business.

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